About Us


More output with less effort, cost-effective technology and improved farming processes – that’s the dream! A dream that led to the inception of PAAMA in 2015. Progress isn’t always easy, but with our dedication towards making mechanisation available everywhere; progress isn’t far away.

The need for agricultural machinery is rapidly growing in India. The future of mechanisation of farms shows strong potential and this is where PAAMA steps in. Not only are we filling in the gap for basic equipment, but we are also supporting it with high standards of quality and utmost professionalism.

Most machinery in India aren’t backed with enough R&D facilities. Due to no standardisation of parts and components, these agricultural machineries tend to break down leading to constant repairs and increased expenses for farmers. The after-sales services also result in disgruntled customers.

At PAAMA, our goal is to address these issues. Better technology, better technical knowledge, advanced equipment and improved services – high-end, affordable mechanisation within the reach of every farmer!

PAAMA is not about making short-lived differences, it is about making a long-lasting impact!


Our belief in customer-oriented services, unparalleled quality and innovative technology stems from our deep-rooted values and honest ethics.
PAAMA is not just a company, but family for us. A family, we treat with respect and adulation.